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Car with a Damaged Bumper in Atlanta, GA

Recondition Your Damaged Bumper in Atlanta, GA

Even the smallest scratch on your bumper can be frustrating. Bring your car to Bumpers & More to address your damaged bumper in Atlanta, GA. We have two decades of experience making bumper damage disappear. Our range of services are extensive and include:

Cosmetic Repair - That scratch you got from backing out of the driveway can be irritating. Small blemishes can be an eyesore and need attention to protect the integrity of the paint.

Small Collision Repair - A little fender bender can be annoying, and you should address the issue as soon as possible. If your bumper has marks and scrapes that just need a little TLC, we can do the repairs on the spot.

Bug Burns - That cloud of insects you drove through can cause bumper damage over time. If you don't remove them, your bumper can become scarred or faded.

Paint Fading - Time and tides are hard on everything, including paint. Natural wear and tear mean your bumper paint could use a facelift. Schedule an appointment at our shop today.

Paint Peeling - The sun is guilty of causing fading and peeling paint. Incorrect repair work on a damaged bumper can also result in a paint job that peels.

Scrapes - We've all seen that rogue shopping cart damage someone's bumper. Scratches can remove the paint down to the plastic, which exposes the bumper to the risk of peeling.

Tears - Bumpers can catch on high curbs, the corner of a barrier or even another car. When your bumper rips or cracks, it needs an on-the-spot plastic weld.

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